They're interested in swimming.

Thanks to his help, I finished my homework.

Wait just a minute, please.

The teacher told me study harder.

How about if the three of us go camping next weekend?

The reason which he gave is hard to understand.

Have you written to him?

I tried to get him to help us.

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Were you able to find Sumitro?

Her daughter ran away with a young author.

Your father is very responsible.


I don't know who to trust.

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Many purchases are carefully thought out.

I thought Milo would be the crazy.

He said: "Leave me in peace!"


Two vanilla ice creams please.

He engages himself in every new project.

I'll go to the hospital today.

She took pains in educating the children.

The enemy is eavesdropping!

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Your efforts will soon pay off.

You all sat, didn't you?

It was while she was a graduate student at Cambridge, working under the direction of Antony Hewish, that Jocelyn Bell discovered pulsars.

He came back two days late.

Is your wife tall?

I like to wear clogs.

We must all go and find Oleg.

What did they tell you?

I couldn't explain it better.

For how long are you in Shanghai?

I've seen that picture before.

Do not talk nonsense!

Tell Jim to leave me alone.

After the operation I was happy, since I managed to eliminate the cancer.

It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Please call if you find out anything.

I need your address in order to send you a present.

After eating dinner, I washed the dishes.

It's likely Stan will be late.


Jackye is not about to give up now.

I study about two hours every day.

Chris always wanted to study French.

The employees voted on the manager's proposal.

Business is so slow these days.


We can't eat on such a dirty table!

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What kind of deal did you strike with Kay?

Some English adverbs function as adjectives.

I made that for her.


How about you?

International politics is like a game of Jenga where a single wrong move will make fall down the whole constuction.

I'll change before going to the dance.


Why do you say these things, my son?


Love makes the world go around.

Is everything OK with you?

Did you find a job?

He didn't just eat 1 pear, but 3.

We're unusual.

That's not what you said.

I am sure Lizzy will be very happy.


Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in 1952.


Trey just had a stroke.

You go ahead, Indra. I'll catch up soon.

The dropped Rajeev at day care.

Kimmo must've had some reason for doing what he did.

He cannot walk, let alone run.

Spyros's pupils became dilated.

Does he speak Portuguese?

Eliot will never forgive me.

I lay down to rest.


I always get dressed before I have breakfast.

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You're wearing short sleeves... aren't you cold?

Because of heavy snow, the plane from Beijing arrived 20 minutes late.

That helps a bit.

In 1969, the United States won when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon's surface.

Are you a good fuck at the tennis club?


You should never aim a laser pointer at an airplane or helicopter.

I may just take you up on that offer.

That sounds like a reason to celebrate.

We have no trust in him.

The word downtown refers to the business quarter of any town.


I have been occupied in reading books.


In brief, Sherlock lives.

Martha knows how dangerous it's going to be.

You never talk about yourself.

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Margaret has achieved his goals.

He went to bed.

We speak English in class.

Major always wants Mac to talk about his feelings.

We're pulling out.


Frank doesn't want to talk to you now.

The movie created a great sensation.

Margie has betrayed you.

What's your favorite kind of art?

People there decorate their homes with potted flowers to add to the festival atmosphere.


Japan stood with the United States at the U. N. Assembly.

Some psychologists raise doubts about Pepperberg's research.

I must go somewhere.

Does he know how you feel?

His character evened out.


What makes you think Kathryn would ever consider going on a date with Cristopher?

If the work is to be completed before June, more people will have to make more effort.

I used to pretend I was Bea.

I'm really not all that busy.

I didn't live with my mother when I was growing up.

I wanted everyone to get along with each other.

Monica circled the block looking for a place to park.

I'm sure it's just temporary.

The atmosphere can become rather strained.


Gold will not buy everything.


I would like to write a book about Cyprus.

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There was a scuffle in front of the store when the new product was released.

He asked the officials to lift the ban.

Please complete this sentence.


You sold your soul to the devil and didn't get anything in return? What's wrong with you!?


We were happy people before you came. Your arrival brought despair.

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If it wasn't for Charley, you'd probably be dead now.

Ninja always carries a Bible.

Koko is a female gorilla.

Who would want her dead?

What's the country with the highest population density in the world?

I asked William to play my favorite song.

He has the key to her heart.

The girl cried out for help.

I'm here by choice.

He's feeling really low.

What beautiful teeth you have!

A discreet homage to the accident victims was carried out yesterday.

The Sun is in the center of the solar system.

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Where on earth do you think you're going?


Beer sales are up.

Rob lived, Glenn is alive, Knapper will live.

I don't think there is any excuse for his behavior. At the same time, we should listen to what he has to say.


I saw it happen.

Alex doesn't know if Jacob will come.

Steven speaks French better than any other person in our office.

I'm going to prison.

Your children are so charming!

I'm trying to stop you from making a big mistake.

Are you prepared to assume responsibility?

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I don't think we'll ever know.


A cube has six sides.


Kerry seems hesitant to do that.


We would have helped them.


That's what got me into this line of work.


No one here pays.

Do you like Italian food?

I've got to be free.

This is the lover's lane.

Arne never would agree to that.

Rod said that's what he's always wanted.

I've been wanting to meet you for years.

If not, how do you explain the acceleration?

She seemed to be very happy with him.

The ruins are worth seeing.

She's attracted to Asian guys.

That wasn't him.

Toufic knew where he was.

I was curious about that.

You can not appreciate the poem until you have read it many times.

I'm tired of work, I want to have lunch.

You have to listen to him.

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"What's this big tower in the center of Berlin?" "It's the Fernsehturm!"